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  • MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT: P&H Cranes, Demag Crane, Sigma Crane, Etc., Electrical Hoists, Marvel Saws, Motor Control Circuits, Single & 3-Phase, Conveyor Belts
  • WELDING PLANTS: Miller, Airco, Lincoln & Hobart, Welding Plant Hydralics & Welding

All-Boro Compactor Sales & Service Inc. is currently doing business in NY, NJ and CT, expanding to other states in the near future.

We install and service trash compactors in commercial residential buildings. Our work includes but not limited to the following: Repair and Service trash compactors of every make and model. We sell, install and service:

  • Trash Hopper Chute Doors for apartment buildings
  • All types of welding and electrical work.

    Hopper Chute Doors

The models and types of compactors we sell, install and service include the following:

  • HICO
  • Ram
  • Hivolex-J
  • Waterbury
  • AMC

We also provide Service Contracts to keep your unit running trouble-free all year round and to protect you from costly break-downs. In addition, we Repair and Sevice Material Handling Devices such as: Cranes and Conveyor Belts of all makes, models and types.


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Get our Smart Counseling Before Buying New Machines.

Repair & Rebuild your Hydraulic cylinders.

Payment plan available for major repair jobs (over $1000).

Service Contract saves money and prevents headaches


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All-Boro Compactor Sales & Services ; 1314 East 53rd Street Brooklyn NY, 11234

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